Welcome to Staircase Developer Documentation!

Staircase is an API platform that enables the rapid test and adoption of new technologies in the mortgage industry.

The Staircase platform removes technology adoption friction by:

  • Centralizing total available market capabilities into a single platform language

  • Eliminating vendor management and pricing negotiation in favor of a service-based model

  • Improving functionality by using a portfolio approach to ensure market-leading coverage and capabilities

  • Reducing integration cost and timeline with a unified set of low-code APIs

  • Providing real-time information security and compliance as a service

Staircase APIs are designed to be integrated into existing LOS, POS, or in-house technology systems. We provide adapters and accelerators to facilitate data transfers seamlessly.

Staircase APIs also enable rapid prototyping of new applications and services.

Visit Quick Start to find out how to access and use Staircase APIs. To learn about the security measures Staircase has put in place to segment and protect data, visit Information Security Management.